Expansive family residence interior in NY by Athena Calderone

This beautiful single family residence is located in Amagasett, NY. It sits on a 1.5 acre lot and the building itself covers a total area of 2,000 square feet. The residence is impressive both by its size and its beautiful interior design. The elegant and inviting interior was designed by Athena Calderone.The house is owned by an interior designed and a DJ. They have this beautiful home that dates from the 1960s and they wanted to give it a makeover. They wanted this place to be a weekend retreat from their urban apartment.

They wanted it to be cozy and inviting but also stylish and elegant. The interior designer had the hard task of finding a solution that would combine the old remaining parts of the house and the new additions and changes.The clients also had some specific requirements. They wanted a simple interior that would solve the acoustical and lighting problems and would also provide space for their collections. They also make a list of the elements that they wanted to preserve. During the renovation, the house was basically reduced down to the skeletal framework. It was a drastic makeover.

The new interior is bright, airy and elegant. There’s a large, custom steel framed mirror in the master bathroom. The dining room features a beautiful chandelier. The exterior is also impressive. There’s a dark stained cedar siding that wraps all the exterior facades. All the windows and doors have been replaced. The interior also got newly constructed walls and cabinetry crafted from reclaimed barn wood. The residence still has the original skeleton and conventional materials were utilized in new ways that unify the old and the new.

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