Expansive Dowd Residence

When looking at this beautiful residence you probably think that it must be new construction. You would be partially right. It’s a contemporary, new house that has been built on the ruins of an already existing property. The old residence was not is very good shape and it wouldn’t have been possible to save or renovate. So they architects working at this project decided to sue some of the elements that they were able to preserve as a base for a new building.

In case you were wondering where this beauty is located, here’s the address: 114 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell Auckland. As you can see, it’s an expansive residence, quite big. It has a contemporary exterior design, a combination of concrete and wood. The delimitation between the materials has been made visible by the sue of different and contrasting colors.

In order to create a continuity between the exterior and the interior designs, the same elements are repeated throughout the house, like the wooden panels that cover a part of the house and that can also be seen on the staircase, on the balcony, on some of the walls in the house, even on the kitchen island. The interior décor is a combination of contemporary elements and some traditional ones, just a reminder of the old structure that sued to sit on the same plot. Notice the wooden ceiling with exposed beams, beautifully complemented by minimalist pendant lamps.{found on herbstarchitects}

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