Exotic Parnell House

When we see a Parnell house the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is not the size of the structure but the immense amount of dedication that has been put by the designers to make it look so splendid. Parnell house designed by Fearon Hay Architects is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The structure is worth watching with it luxurious interiors and soothing and eco friendly exteriors with lot of glass windows.

Exotic Parnell House1

But since we’ve already mentioned it, you have to admit that this is one big house. All your friends could fit in there. It’s huge and this makes it even more amazing. The fact that the designers managed to preserve the same style throughout the whole structure is something special.

Exotic Parnell House3

The location of this structure is great and the views are amazing. Plus the house is so big that you have everything you want in there, there’s no need to leave the house. You can relax there, sleep, drink, eat, have fun, party or anything else you might want to do. There’s even a place where you can swim. It’s a modern structure with a lot of glass features that allow you to enjoy the outside views from inside the house. The interior design is also stylish, modern and elegant, which is not combination easy to create.

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