Exotic house in the heart of Mexico

Spread over a huge area of roughly 2500 square km, this house is simply fashionable yet elegant. The residence has been embedded with all sorts of amenities in order to impart the lavish hotel like experience.  The house has been placed in an L-shape and thus has a large patio area with an impressive view. There are two levels of the house which has been designed beautifully. All the elements of the house have been given proper consideration and hence are distinct from each other and worth an appraisal.  The house is simply a haven.

Exotic houses are always interesting The all have a mysterious and original style. This is way there’s probably nowhere two houses that look the same. They might share the same style but they are different and have their own characteristics.

This one is especially beautiful because of its modern and intriguing style. The colors used are very bright and there are a lot of lights. Something else that is unique about this place is the fact that there is a very nice combination between nature and artificial elements. As you can see, there’s even a tree in middle of the room. This is something very different and original. It’s probably not the only room with such a feature but it’s definitely one that makes it look very beautiful.{ Design by Hierve-Diseñe and pics by Fernando Cordero and Alejandro Villarreal }

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