Exotic Brazilian house designed by Humberto Hermeto

This is an exotic Brazilian house designed by Humberto Hermeto and deserves a true appraisal for the entire structure. The structure is much more than home as it sports various sorts of extra multi use features. There is a magnificent art gallery in the lower section of the house.

The house has been strategically separated  into two sections, one for the business and other private positioned above it. It has an amazing exterior which continues into the interior of the house. The stone work has a soft toned color and thus convey a natural, cool emotion. The large patio area and extremely fascinating swimming pool also assure an outstanding relaxation. Nothing is randomly placed around this house: the interior designer paid attention to every tiny detail and everything is in the right place so as to get the maximum effect out of it. Even the two red cubes apparently thrown out on the lawn catch the eye and make incredible decorations for outdoors.

Then there’s the furniture that has a unique style and shows personality and style like this unusually shaped chaise-longue that looks almost like a futuristic wood sculpture. The pool is not obvious, but has smooth margins and fits the natural surroundings perfectly like all the other things used for decor in this project. So congratulations to Humberto Hermeto for this magnificent piece of work!

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