Exceptional vacation house in the middle of nature

A vacation house should be, by definition, located somewhere special, in an exotic place or somewhere unusual like in the middle of a forest. This house is the perfect example. It’s called Casa de Veraneo and you can find it in a touristic zone in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires. It was designed by BAK Arquitectos Asociados and it’s a low-cost house.

The site on which the house was built is surrounded by pine trees and they’ve all been incorporated into the design. You can how the trees go straight through the deck and the roof and become a part of the house. The raw concrete structure allows the house to integrate well into the décor. The glass walls further reinforce the connection with nature and with the outdoors. Of course, there’s also the large patio which may be very simple but has a very special look thanks to those trees.

Everything about this house is simple and beautiful: the design, the location, the views, the materials used, etc. it’s a place where one can go to relax, a quiet retreat most of us dream of at least once a year. Some might say that living in a house in the middle of a forest is creepy but, in this case, there’s nothing scary about it. It’s just tranquile and peaceful.

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