Exceptional retreat in Cap Ferrat with amazing views over the Mediterranean

Some places seem too beautiful to be true. We’re talking about properties like this one where everything seems to be in perfect balance and where you would like to spend each day for the rest of your life. These are perfect holiday and seasonal retreats and they’re the getaway property lots of people only get to dream about.

This exclusive property is located in Cap Ferrat, in the French Riviera in the Côte d’Azur, France. It’s a spectacular villa that offers breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea. The luxurious property features a contemporary design and impresses with its simple and stylish décor. Notice that the villa has huge windows and glass walls that were designed to capture the beauty of the amazing views and to make them a part of the interior design.

The property is just as spectacular inside as it is outside. Its landscaped gardens and terraced areas add charm to the design and make this villa look like a beautiful dream. But the gardens are just a portion of the property. The villa also features a spectacular outdoor pool protected by the surrounding vegetation but situated where it can also capture the amazing views over the sea. It has a mobile base that can be raised to create a large terrace that can be used for large events.

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As for the interior of the villa, it’s very stylish and beautiful. It features a spa, a sauna, an indoor pool, a massage room and a gym. These are the features that make one’s stay here relaxing and hard to forget. Besides these areas, the villa also offers a large living room and dining area on its highest level from where panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the sea can be admired. There is also a guests’ kitchen which is linked to a professional kitchen by a lift.



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