Environmentally Sustainable Design by Aedas

Everybody would like to work in one of those huge glass buildings and have an office that could allow you to take in the beautiful views. Architects from Aedas have completed such a building in 2010. Located in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, China, this 28-storey mixed-use building is really something to think about.

This astounding place includes housing, offices, retail spaces and a car park. The client had only one demand and this was to have a design with efficient floor plates and a rational box. Siting on a 32,400sqm site in a community with dense industrial blocks, the architects wanted to create something different, a building that would have an environmentally sustainable design. What they managed to accomplish was an unique tower that surprises both the users of the building and the pedestrians on the street. They introduced extensive planting at the car park floors located in the lower part. This design gives it an impressive look, an aspect so stunning and unique you wouldn’t believe it.

Not only is it a pleasant experience for the users of the building, but it is also an example on how to improve out lives. The planting filters the air and improves air quality in the car park, a great aspect, don’t you agree?

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