Elm & Willow Family House by Architects EAT Architecture

This beautiful and quiet family home is located South Yarra, Victoria, Australia and it’s not a new project. The project, developed by Architects EAT Architecture, actually involves the restoration of an existing Edwardian house. Some part have been preserved and redesigned while others, like the rear of the house, were demolished in order to make place for a new addition to the house.

The new structure that has been added creates a very visible contrast between the dark corridor of the house and the open and transparent addition. The idea was to create a mixture of open and closed spaces that would represent interchangeable elements and could be used as the owners pleased. The house is an U-shaped plan with a north-facing courtyard in the middle. Even though the house features concrete floor and roof slabs, these have been detailed and designed in a way that make them seem light, floaty and airy, contributing to the overall bright and simple look of the house.

There’s obviously a clear distinction between old and new but this mixture was made in layers and the combination is not disturbing at all. The materials used in the process are non-toxic and from renewable sources. The house also features energy and water-saving fittings and rain water is harvested and sued in the garden. The renovation process took 3 years, after which the owners were able to move back into the house.

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