Elkstones five-bedroom oak-beamed home

English people have a long and rich history and civilization and they once rules the world. Now they are best known for their pragmatic nature and the comfort they give to their homes. English homes are not breath-taking and surprising, elegant and sumptuous, but they are very welcoming and comfortable. They are pretty large and cozy and the interior design tries to combine elements of the old with some of the new influence in design, meaning technology and so on.

This Luxury Elkstone House in England is the perfect illustration for my words. The house was designed and re-decorated with great care, so you don’t know for sure if the house is older and has been preserved really well or if it is in fact new, but built in an old-fashioned way.

Actually you can see the building is new thanks to the new and vividly coloured bricks that are used on the outside, but it has the elegance and sturdiness of old English mansions. The house is built from Cotswold stone and added a thatched roof , which is also very traditional to English homes. It is perfect to be used as a family retreat for the holidays or for a family weekend in the countryside.

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The house is called Elkstones (I love it when the English give names to their homes) and it is located in a beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, just out of Chipping Campden, in the middle of gorgeous scenery. It is big and nice, covered in mellow stone and having just the right number of rooms if you want to have anything you need for a beautiful holiday. It has five bedroom, but also a few luxury features such as sauna, cinema room and swimming pool (indoors). These combine in a marvelous way with traditional architectural features like the oak beams you can see around the house.

Everything is carefully arranged and designed and all the fabric used and also all the furniture is high quality, but discreet. The colours used for interior decoration are warm and welcoming and everything is great, creating a relaxing atmosphere, which is exactly the purpose why the villa was built in the first place. The high tech appliances like the wide screen TV set and the modern bathroom alternate with the fireplace in a beautiful and balanced way and the picture is completed by the large garden. I’d say this is the perfect house to live in or to rent for the weekend.

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