Elevated House Responds To A Rocky Site Through Stylish Design

Usually, every architect has their own style and this also applies to architecture studios. In the case of the practice called Earthworld Architects & Interiors, things are a bit different. The studio doesn’t have a specific style and, as a result, there’s no repetitive nature to the aesthetic of their projects. This makes each one unique.

House Gauche front facade

House Gauche is one of their creations. The residence is located in Pretoria, South Africa and was completed in 2015. As always, the architects focused in being innovative and using the context to their benefit without trying to imitate or assimilate other similar project and design strategies.

House Gauche vegetation on site

By being responsive to the project’s specifics and the client’s needs, the architects managed to come up with a design that perfectly molds to the site and embraces everything around it. One of the biggest challenges was to build the house without destroying the existing vegetation and disturbing the site in any way.

House Gauche staircase on rocks

House Gauche glass staircase wall

Another challenge was staying away from huge costs without making big compromises and while limiting the impact the house has on the site and the surroundings. There are two rocky formations present on the site and these are the only two places where the house actually touches the ground.

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House Gauche deck on rock formation

These rocky outcrops are also the only two access points into the house. They accommodate two staircases which offer access inside. The staircases float just above the natural ground level. One of the staircases was designed with glass walls, this exposing it to the view and placing it very close to the natural context of the house.

House Gauche entryway

House Gauche side cantilever

The rest of the house is suspended above the ground. This allowed the architects to create a floating deck supported by metal pillars embedded into the rocks. The deck has a wooden floor and is partially protected by a roof that filters the sunlight and offers shade for the outdoor lounge area.

House Gauche curved wall

House Gauche curved wall nook

Aside from the fact that the house is elevated and suspended on two points, the overall design is quite simple and not exactly something meant to stand out. There is, of course, the occasional curved window and wall which offer a hint regarding the complexity of the design.

House Gauche wooden deck

The interior of the house is kept simple and natural. Exposed concrete floors and ceilings give the interior a nice industrial look without overwhelming the décor. Concrete is used in combination with wood for a warm and inviting look.

House Gauche open space

The kitchen shares an open space with the living and dining spaces. A large kitchen island with seating is one of the focal points in this space, being complemented by comfortable sectionals and armchairs and by casual area rugs and pendant lamps.

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House Gauche living space

House Gauche lounge and fireplace

Large windows allow abundant natural light to enter the open space as well as all the other rooms. Fabric shades and curtains shade the spaces while keeping the décor light-colored and breezy. They also add texture to the décor, contrasting with the raw materials used throughout.

House Gauche kitchen island

House Gauche kitchen bar

The bedroom is especially simple, featuring raw concrete surfaces, breezy curtains and very little furniture overall. The area rug matches that in the living room, creating a cohesive look throughout.

House Gauche bedroom

A small home office space is decorated with a modular storage system that integrates a small table/ desk and a series of open and closed storage shelves and compartments. Their configuration can be modified according to the immediate storage needs of the user.

House Gauche home office

There’s a beautiful balance that defines this house as a whole. it’s given by the lovely balance of materials, colors, textures and forms and by the harmony created between the building itself and its surroundings and the site on which it stands.

House Gauche striped area rug

House Gauche hallway



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