Elevated Concrete House With An Outstanding Geometry

Trubel is a contemporary house that stands out through its unusual shape and structure. Designed by L3P Architects in collaboration with Bona + Fischer Engineers Office AG, this residence cleverly combines industrial with minimalism. You could say that because of this wonderful partnership, the relatively small space available for this construction was not a problem anymore. The solution was a little imagination and verticality. The house is situated in Dielsdorf, Switzerland, and covers an area of 291 square meters.

This house is full of surprises, starting with an underground entrance (through the carport) and gradually continuing with a concrete bookcase, an indoor hammock, a gorgeous reading corner and even more: a glass cube that seems to pop-out of the house. But let’s take it easy, we don’t want to lose important details.

Entering this house is like stepping in the world of concrete. At the beginning, this residence may seem rather cold, and not so welcoming, but you’ll fell in love with every new corner that you discover. The unusual shape has created new opportunities regarding the interior structure of this house. The entire logic of this building is based upon the structure of a vine. A central vertical wall is the main supporting element, and specific areas of the house are added around it, just like Lego pieces that are interconnected.

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According to the architects,” a cellar and house services room are attached to the entrée. A double bedroom with bath is likewise entrenched into the slope. These rooms are provided with light through both a space divided into different heights and a skylight.This double bedroom is sectioned by a middle wall, which like an anchor, builds the static abutment for the main middle wall.”

Concrete stairs will guide you to another part of the house. The access to a simple and beautiful purple kitchen is made through the living room area. The two open spaces are somehow connected by an indoor hammock, which is the perfect place to relax and clean your thoughts after a difficult day.

Floor to ceiling windows were a must have, in order to ensure some natural light. This is also a way to emphasize the character of the entire house. The concrete walls, ceilings, and of course, the polished concrete floor seem a little softer with such interesting views.

The next level will guide your steps to what I call the core of this residence. The unused space over the stairs was turned into a gorgeous and colorful reading nook. The beautiful angles in this area and the glass surface harmoniously combine, creating a peaceful spot where you can read a good book and enjoy the views. Even though you have plenty of natural light, pendant lights were added just to make sure you can read anytime you want.

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Given the fact that the master bedroom has a bathtub to enhance the level of your comfort, on your way to it you will find a blue bathroom vanity with an elegant sink and faucet design.



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