Elegant studio complements the scenery without disturbing natural harmony

Studio Space is a modern project designed by Nicolas Tye Architects. It’s a very elegant building which fits beautifully into the landscape. It was built with a single level and it stretches horizontally, following the natural shape of the site. This design allowed the architects to come up with a simple and efficient strategy for organizing the interior space.

The studio includes a series of separate zones. It contains a reception area, a seating area for the clients, a kitchen, several bathrooms, a series of meeting room, a library, a number of storage areas and a service area. Because of the shape of the building, all the zones get lots of natural light. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls also provide the ones inside with beautiful views of the surroundings. In addition, this transparent and simple design and the choice of materials allow the building to fit into the landscape without disturbing the harmony.

Another great thing about the building is the fact it has a sustainable design and it’s pretty much independent when it comes to energy. It has its own wind turbine as well as a series of eco-friendly features including the rain-water harvesting system and eco paint used throughout the building. In addition to that, modern features give it a comfortable and pleasant feel.

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