Elegant and classic private residence in Munich

This is a CC house which lies in the West of Munich and has been designed artistically by the architecture company – Studio Lynx. The building is very different and unique as a different perspective has been used for its construction. There are automatic folding shutters in the front yard of the house and grasp the attention immediately.

The building has different faces depending upon the critical position of the shutters. The huge glass panels on the ground floor can be opened up to the terrace and the pool area; as a result the living area is largely enhanced. The interiors of the house have also been artistically designed and deserve our appreciation.

If you don’t know what this building is used for you can easily mistake it for an office building, as it has a severe look, with sharp edges and a very clear and geometric contour. But once you get inside you immediately realize it’s a private residence and you actually like it on the spot. It is very modern and designed in a comfortable, but minimalist way. Everything is neat and clean, stylish, yet a bit cold. I don’t get the family feeling by looking at these photos, but I do have the strong impression this is the perfect place for a bachelor.

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