Eight-storey residence in Senri

Such tall residences are unusual. This one is located in Senri and it’s unusual tall and yet quite small when you think about it. The house was designed for a family of three. It seems like too much for just two parents and their son. It might very well be the case but it’s what the clients wanted.

The residence features a total of 8 levels. These include the entrance in the basement and the roof terrace. The concepts of “level” or “floor” tend to get ambiguous. So, to be clear, there aren’t 8 levels per se. However, there’s still a minimum of six floors, no matter how you look at the problem. As for the interior, each space was designed as a separate area and not in relation with the other ones. This means that there’s not continuity between the spaces.

The building features a steel structure. The architects that worked at this project used visible steel frame in 40mmx125mm flat bar that allowed them to make each space flow without gravity. Notice that the ground level is quite small in comparison to the other ones. The upper levels form a compact block. Another very unusual feature of the building is the fact that it has no windows except for the row of glass walls that is wrapped around the building like a ribbon. This only applies to the façade. There are additional windows on the sides, even though quite small and in small numbers.{found on architezer}.

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