Eco-Friendly Villa Harmoniously Embraces The Landscape

Designed by RB Arkitektur, this modern Swedish villa is a bunker-style house. It was designed to embrace the landscape and to perfectly interact with the site. In other words, instead of shaping the site, making it flat and fit for a regular building, this one was left as such as the house was molded to become a perfect match.

An interior courtyard offers privacy while also letting light invade the interior. To make the house better become one with the landscape, the architects covered the roof with green moss. This way the barrier between natural and artificial become less striking and even disappear. Also, the house is partially built into the hillside. The earth offers great insulation for winter but also for summer, keeping the temperature inside just right.

The opposite part of the house, however, is completely open to the sun. the large windows let the light inside and also welcome the panoramic views in. although relatively simple in terms of design, the house stands out thanks to the unconventional details we’ve just described. A perfect retreat for the holidays and vacations but also a great place to call home all year round.

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