Eco-Friendly Semi-Detached Houses

CAVAA Architects have built two semi-detached houses for two sisters and their families, in the center of a town near Barcelona, Spain. The project was thought as a single body with volumetric differences between the two houses. In the center you can see a courtyard that works as a skylight and ventilation chimney.

The program’s needs are very similar between the two sets. Both residences house a living room, a kitchen large enough to accommodate the dining, two rooms for children, a study or a games room, a bedroom suite and a garage. One of them also features a space soundproof to perform music. In addition, the interior has a connection with the location of outdoor spaces.

These lovely houses are also environmentally friendly. They obtain all the energy required for hot water and under-floor heating through biomass boilers and they have a deposit for the reuse of rainwater and create a system to recover grey water. What’s more they benefit from lattice, a typical Mediterranean construction element, which allows the visual opening to the outside and, at the same time, it controls the input of solar radiation.

These two semi-detached modern houses have everything you could possibly want. You get to spend quality time with your family and you live a healthy life in a healthy house. What more could you ask for?{found on archdaily}.

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