Eco-friendly luxury residence in Singapore lets nature become a part of it

The stunning residence you see here is located in Singapore and is called the Fish House. It was designed and built by Guz Architects and is very impressive indeed. The property is a tropical paradise. The views are simply incredible, even more stunning when you admire them from such a wonderful home.

But the design alone is not the only thing that impresses. The house was also an eco-friendly project. The luxurious structures lets man and nature live together harmoniously. There’s no clear distinction between the indoor and outdoor spaces so the transition between them is smooth and seamless. Also, vegetation is an important part of the house’s design.

The tropical climate allows the house to be gorgeous all year round. Also, the endless views perfectly complete it, turning it into a beautiful piece of paradise. Our favorite element would have to be the infinity pool. It has a tiny island with a tree and it wraps around the house like a moat. This would have to be one of the most gorgeous properties ever designed, making it one of our favorites.


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