Eco-Friendly Dwellings by ODOS Architects

ODOS architects have designed three gorgeous houses in Dublin, Ireland. This lovely residence is made out of three dwellings. The architects took advantage of the industrial setting which was vital in forming the architectural language of these houses.These dwellings appear as a robust and impenetrable mass from the street. The upper section is a composition of powder coated metal industrial flooring planks, arranged in varying widths to create a rhythm. The view of the foliage and tree tops create a beautiful image coming through and over the front screen. Moreover, the interior of each dwelling is an experience of color, light and shadow.

The floor plan of each of the three bedroom dwellings is conceived as a flexible pattern or wave of built and unbuilt spaces. The unbuilt spaces become a series of outdoor rooms, which bring the experience of landscape into the heart of each building. Furthermore, sustainable elements, such as grey water harvesting system and a boiler linked to an air to water heat pump have been incorporated into the design, making it an eco-friendly place as well.

3 Meows Houses are enchanting, as they are stunning. They present a lot of chic elements and a warm and welcoming environment.

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