East Hampton Stone Houses by Leroy Street Studio

These two interesting houses are located in East Hampton, New York, USA and they were designed in 2005 by Leroy Street Studio. The clients were a mother and daughter that wanted to have a low-maintenance weekend residence where they can relax either alone or with other family members. The two houses were built using Westchester granite.

The two houses definitely look different than the usual weekend residence. However, the architecture is very beautiful in a simple way. The 650.32 sqm project was designed as two separate houses, linked together by a series of stone walls. The walls create a series of exterior and interior spaces and as a result a series of courtyard spaces was created. The first of the two houses can be entered through an oversized cabinet that pierces the forecourt curtain wall. Inside, there’s a long gallery along the east-west wall. A glass bridge cuts along the gallery and links the two ends of an elevated guest wing.

The second house looks slightly different. It can be entered through a glazed hall overlooking a raised garden court. The stone walls nest a series of interior and exterior spaces, connected by a series of floating roofs. The house also features a private wing. The interior of the two houses are as simple-looking as the exterior. Most of the décor is made of wood, which offers a very cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

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