Dynamic Shaped House by Sharif Abraham Architects

Architects from Sharif Abraham Studio designed a gorgeous house in Melbourne, Australia. Situated on a plot with two street frontages, only a glance away from the central business district, this house has both an original and additional part.

As said before, the Clifton Hill House has an original part, which fronts a picturesque street-scape, and a new part that houses the living spaces and is designed to operate as a facade to the rear street. The building has a very interesting shape due to the dynamic volumes that are oriented to capture sunlight to the interior.

As you can see the color palette used is made up of neutral color, white and black, which keeps the space very well defined. Moreover the house presents a very unique feature which is the use of curves that connect with the natural form of the tree.

Furthermore a corridor links the new and old parts together and has a continuous and fluorescent beam which intervenes the original part of the home. The two bathrooms have a lot of personality due to the beautiful tile, black tile which attends to the idea of a cave and bronze tile.

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All in all the Clifton Hill House is a mixture of old and new, bright and bold colors, unique shapes and dynamic volumes. It is the perfect place to retreat to.



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