Dual residence in South Africa: Wright House

It’s hard to look at this house and remain indifferent. With a design like this, the house can be nothing but unique. The odd combination of old and new is not that unusual. A lot of houses combine them in order to obtain a distinctive look. However, none of them has such a drastic style like this one.

The Wright House, located in Durban, South Africa, definitely has its own style. The house is actually a combination of old and new, but not as you usually know it. There’s a traditional cottage, rustic and vintage, and there’s also an extension to this cottage that is highly modern. It’s not how people usually renovate their houses. The cottage includes two studies, a new bedroom, an entertainment space and an art gallery. The extension features a large glass wall that allows you to see everything inside. It’s not how people usually envisage their home.

The unusual shape of the modern extension allows for a space to be created underneath. It’s large enough for two cars to be parked in there. There’s really no need for a garage.

This is definitely a very daring design. It’s a very surprising combination of old and new. Actually, the most surprising is the way in which these two opposite styles are combined, or better said how they are not combined.{found on designboom}

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