Dream Residential House in Perth

The next building is a two stored single family residence, gathering 400 m2. The home was built in 2009 on Rosser Street, Perth, 6159, Australia by Paul Burnham who used a suburban style. This building can be a dream house for anyone, its astonishing modern design making anyone fall in love with it, ever those hard to impress.

The thing that you notice is that this architectural jewel is surrounded by a gorgeous yard, displaced in an amphitheatre shape. Having the shape of a half pyramid, the entry in the house is made by some elegant stairs which take you directly to the living room.  The upper store is an almost identic replica of the inferior one, but has also a balcony. The living room is probably the most impressive part of the house. It is an open space that also gathers the kitchen and which has an exit that takes you straight to the home’s wonderful terrace. The glass walls can be slided and the living room will become an open space.

The living room is large and tall and with a little help from the glass walls it gives you the impression you are outside in the beautiful landscape. The room is painted in pastel grey, brown and cream, so it has a very stylish design. The furniture is also very elegant and modern. The bathroom is also high class equipped, in a simple, not charged way. It is in fact a double bathroom with two sinks and a large mirror, perfect for a big family.

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