Dream house in Melbourne by Grant Maggs Architects

The Maribyrnong House is a contemporary residence located in Melbourne, Australia. It was designed for an adventurous client with a generous budget that wanted a sustainable alternative for him and his family. The house was a project by Grant Maggs Architects and it features a very interesting design, both in terms of shape, details and choice of materials.

The residence sits on a very beautiful site that also had a great influence on the overall design and the final image. The architect opted for zinc as a material for most of the exterior. The zinc and masonry façade is facing the street and presents a simple but elegant and eye-catching design. On the other side, the part facing the river features a glazed curtain wall with covered balconies and terraces that offer wonderful views from all three floors.

The residence was also designed as a flexible space with a functional planning. This way the house can be considered both a quiet home for a family of four or a place for large gatherings and events. Moreover, even though it has an impeccable design and impressive features, the house is a low-maintenance structure. The architects used high-quality, durable materials to build it and they include zinc, bluestone, recycled timber wood, concrete and stainless steel. If you combine these elements, the elegant design of the house and the beautiful views that it offers, the result is very close to a dream home.

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