Doyle Hall by architect Specht Harpman

The Doyle hall is a project done by architect Specht Harpman. It’s a contemporary hall located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A contracted to VRW Construction Company.

The hall does not shy of space and it occupies a total square feet area of over thirty three thousand. It has enough rooms to cater for additional classrooms, faculty rooms and an extra café where students can take their refreshment in between classes. All this Harpman and the team achieves with functionality, visionary while at the same time capturing the aesthetic needs of a competitive institution.

Completed in 2009 the renovators of the Doyle hall remain true to their promise of proper utilization of space while integrating the tradition old school design to the contemporary one all creating a marvelous fusion of academics and architectures.

Coupled up with thoughtful interior design and awe-inspiring landscaping the Doyle hall presents to the students and staff alike a perfect learning, relaxation and fellowshipping environment.


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