Doubly Oriented House Still manages to be Private

This of course isn’t the first dually oriented house we are covering here on Homedit but it is still different in a manner. Most houses with more than a single orientation end up sacrificing the privacy factor but this Northland House designed by Parsonson Architects in Wellington Harbour, New Zeeland manages to keep privacy intact. The first orientation of the house is east to the harbor and the hills beyond while the second one is west to the afternoon sun. What also manages to keep the privacy going is a protective courtyard wall where the courtyard serves as an integral part of the facility.

This is a very beautiful house. It has an impressing design, both on the outside and the inside. It’s placed in a great location and the views are very beautiful and quite amazing. But what it really impressing is the interior design of this structure. It has a very modern design, simple but very elegant and sophisticated, like many modern pieces.

Every room has a different décor, different colors and different features, but they all share a common style. For example, the living room is a little more colorful and fun because it’s the place where family members and friends usually gather to talk or to discuss things. The bedroom, on the other hand, in painted in white and it has a very relaxing and calm appearance.

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