Double feature-House and Design Studio

Devolder Architecten a Belgium based Design firm completed in November 2010 in Kortrijik a building that has a double function: house and design studio.  Before watching the pictures and make a first impression let me feed you some crucial information about this house. You should know that this is a remarkable contemporary structure. It has a solid concrete structure, mostly supporting poles on a very solid concrete base.

The true modern feature in this house is represented by the Non-load-bearing walls design and build with the latest techniques and materials. They were built of acoustically absorbing materials with an extra layer of plaster and thanks to that bearing system they can be relocated without any major structural changes. Another interesting feature is the separation of the two functions with two different access stairs to allow a better circulation within the house.

This box-shape design doesn’t necessarily blend in the surroundings but something tells me that this is exactly what they wanted. The first things that draw your attention are the wooden solar blinds mounted on both the southwest and southeast façade. A great deal of attention was given to the environmental impact; therefore this building is very well insulated from heat and cold with serious hi-tech materials. I like it; it has plenty of space, marvelous polished concrete floors, plenty of natural light and is very efficient providing a very comfortable experience with a very low environmental impact and minimal energy use.{found on archdaily and pics by Yannick Milpas.

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