Don’t be afraid of the dentist – soothing clinic in Fukuyama

If my doctor had a dental clinic that looked like this I’d be looking for pretexts to visit the place. The big problem with these clinics is that the waiting rooms don’t look look relaxing or soothing so the whole experience is scarier than it should be. This problem has been remedied by architect Keisuke Maeda from UID Architects when he designed this gorgeous building in Fukuyama, a region in Hiroshima, Japan.

The clinic features a very simple and modern design and it was built entirely of wood. This is why it has an extra cozy and inviting look. The interior features a series of separate areas which offer privacy and also isolate the spaces so the sound doesn’t get through. The colors and textures used inside were also chosen in such a way to create a warm and welcoming feel. They are soft and friendly and cold tones were avoided completely.

The rooms and hallways were decorated with plants so there’s a very soothing and pleasant ambiance. When you take into consideration all these aspects, the building looks more like a cozy home than a dental clinic and that was exactly the goal when designing it: making the clients feel at home and comfortable.

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