Doll – Synaesthesia and beauty

You’re about to admire a 250sqm project located in Allariz, Galicia, Spain and created by Oglo in 2011. The idea was to create a space where people can leave behind their personal life, forget about all their problems and relax, enjoy the beauty of the nature, admire the flowers and their enchanting smell and color.

The project is rather abstract. It doesn’t have a defined shape. There a central structure with a colorful sculpture resembling an umbrella, placed inside a round space, like a pool. Inside this “pool” there are several places where people can seat down, relax for a while before continuing their relaxing walk. They can walk one by one or in pairs of two in a sort of labyrinth surrounded by a very large number of different flower species. The colors and their beautiful smell are amazing. It’s a great place where people can go to relax, enjoy a calm walk, alone or with a partner or some friends, admire the beautiful flowers and get rid of some stress.

This project is a sort of park taken to another level. It’s a modern adaptation that attracts people with its vibrant colors. It’s a great place to spend some time in the week-ends, getting away from the busy streets and clearing your head before another week starts.

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