Dog Bark Park Inn

I have heard many times that the dog is man’ s best friend. That is true because many people love animals, especially dogs and when they feel alone their pets turn out their best friends and companions. Sometimes this love is taken too far and people would rather stay with dogs than spend time with humans. Any way, there are many dog lovers around the world who find it very interesting to spend a few days in a fancy hotel shaped like a dog. This is actually the biggest Beagle in the world and its name is Dog Bark Park Inn. The name is suggestive and the pictures, too.

The hotel is located in Cottonwood, Idaho, in USA and can be recognized from the distance thanks to the the unusual dog shape. The building is actually a bed & breakfast guesthouse and the visitors can enter it through the exterior stairs that take them to the rooms at the two stories. Both the inside and the outside of the B&B suggest dogs and are pleasant for dog lovers. You can also admire some dog related chain saw sculptures and enjoy the surrounding area. You can have a room here for $92/night double occupancy, including breakfast or $86 for single occupancy.

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