Discover your inner peace at All Saints Chapel in Brazil

There are hard moments when we become desperate at a certain point so that cial problems, economic problems or emotional problems. Still there is a place which may inspire us optimism, love, energy and make us see that things are not so negative and without any solution. This place is called the “house of God”, i.e. the church.we think that there is no way out. These difficult moments may be generated by all sorts of factors like personal problems, so

In Marrtinho Campos, Brazil, Gustavo Penna designed All Saints Chapel where you will definitely discover your inner peace. It is a construction made of concrete, glass and wood that appears in a modern shape. The chapel has the shape of a huge cross and all the surrounding elements seem to be symbols for different things. The source of water is a symbol for origin, while the vertical line of cross represents sky and earth and the horizontal line all the people. The use of wood is associated with shelter and protection while the nature, the outside surroundings are seen as solider participants to all that happens here.

Although the modern design of All Saints Chapel may send you with the mind to modern buildings, still the appearance of the huge cross will always remind you of its sacred existence and religious symbols. The large windows will make you feel the communion with nature and God at the same time while the shape of cross and the wood interior will make you feel protected from all bad things.

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