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Unfortunately, lately children are not so interested in libraries anymore. They prefer computers more than books, check or collect information on internet than going to the library. It is true that technology, science have developed a lot so the attraction is bigger to the new systems of communication and information .Perhaps the modernization of the old libraries or the construction of new places where children can go and get informed is a solution to this problem.

In Jamaica, New York, USA the Children’s Library Discovery Center (CLDC) was built by 1100 Architect. Actually, the construction is an addition adjacent to the existing Central Library building. This project belongs to 1100 Architect’s master plan for the renovation of Queens Central Library and both the master plan and the CLDC are part of a program launched by Mayor Bloomberg in 2004.

The new construction has two levels. Part of the children’s book collection and a designated area for toddlers can be found at the ground level while at the second level there are situated the majority of the children’s collection, an open reading lounge, cyber center, and activity room. Four different types of glass compose the exterior façade of the building while the perimeter wall was thickened so that reading nooks and intimate social areas could be integrated.

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All spaces are colorful, attractive and spacious where the natural light was favored, the eco-friendly items were used and encouraged to be used. The stair is considered a sculptural element and a functional item too. The colorful graphics were made by Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership (LHSA+DP) which gave this special place a certain personality that makes it distinct from the other areas of Central Library.{pictures by Michael Moran / ottoarchive}.



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