Dillon Residence Gets the Courtyard Treatment

Located in Arizona, USA, the Dillon Residence is a prime personification of a modern courtyard house despite the fact that this 1950’s house has only been re-created and not brought up entirely. The original form factor took the L-shape and that has been retained though it now gets the addition of a new separate Master Suite.

The new addition smartly envelopes the newly defined courtyard which also gets a pool at one end, adding life to this vintage property-the addition obviously giving an opportunity to expand the outdoor living.  What is important to note is the individual character of the Master Suite which in a way frees it from the L-Shaped portion of the house.

What is really interesting and admirable about this structure is the way it manages to incorporate the natural elements into the structure and into the exterior design. It makes great use of the natural elements and it seems to disappear into the surroundings. It’s very interesting how this relatively big mansion manages to stay camouflaged in the décor.


I really like the exterior design. It’s simple, clean and beautiful. The interior is quite beautiful as well. There is a little more color in there, and the design is modern. It looks like a very peaceful place, a very calm and relaxing location where you can refuge to get away from your problems and to release the stress. It’s nice to have such a place. Everybody needs a break from time to time. And some people have longer breaks, as they even leave in these type of places. Chen + Suchart Studio, LLC 

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