Denmark Pavilion – an architectural and structural wonder

The Denmark Pavilion generated a lot of comments last year when it was presented at the Shanghai Expo 2010. When you’ll look at the images you will realize exactly why.

This interesting structure is actually a big loop on which visitors ride around on one of the 1500 bikes available at the entrance. It is a purely artistic space that challenges your senses. It is not only imaginative from an architectural and structural point of view, but it is also a great representation of the Danish spirit. In the center you can find a big pool with very fresh water from Copenhagen harbor, one of the most clean in the world. You can even swim in the pool if you wish. At the center of the pool rises The Little Mermaid, a representative statue for Denmark that has become a symbol for this country.

The whole structure is made from white painted steel and the roof is covered with a bright light blue surfacing texture. Inside, the floor is also covered with light epoxy and features the blue cycle path for the bikes. It is a real architectural wonder that you might choose against the parks usually used for bike rides.

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What is really interesting about this terrace are the 30 m tall Norfolk Pine walls that envelope the entire place. This ingenious solution that the designers came up with is a great way to solve the noise problem. The terrace had to respect the neighbours by keeping the noise down and maintaining privacy, and that is exactly what is does is a very stylish way.

The very tall walls deflect and absorb noise and, in the same time, they create a very warm and inviting space, perfect to relax, have breakfast or have a drink with your friends or relatives under the blue sky or under the stars at night. More than that, the design is not only practical but also elegant, as it incorporates the nice curves found in the art deco form of the rest of the hotel.A very elegant, romantic and private terrace that the visitors, as well as the neighbours can enjoy and appreciate.{pictures by Iwan Baan}



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