Demanding Project for Studio B’s Architects

The ecological responsible architects from Studio B designed the beautiful Wrap House in the East End of Aspen, Colorado. With only one demand from the owners, that the house must respond to its Swiss-Style neighborhood, the architects could leave their imagination flow.

The three-story house was a challenging project because of the small site and height restriction. Although it wasn’t easy to complete, it has a connection with the environment due to its position. Moreover, this contemporary home has three spaces that allow you to enjoy stunning views of the mountains.

The Wrap House’s living areas are on the upper level and they have a large walkway that serves two decks, and acts as a roof for the entrance of the house. Furthermore, the soft, neutral tones of the walls create the feeling of a light, airy space.

All in all this house is a sophisticated place that has the perfect balance with the surrounding environment.


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