Dazzling House Designed for Entertaining

American designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces has designed the Hurtado Residence in one of the upscale communities of Las Vegas, Nevada. The project was finished this year and has an incredible architecture on the exterior and gorgeous interior design.

Siting on a 10,000sqf plot this residence is a contemporary beauty. The entire house has neutral, soft colors in order to create an airy space, and dazzling blue LED light fixtures to highlight everything. Moreover, when you open the aluminum front door you can see an elevator that is surrounded by custom artwork and a stainless steel staircase.

The living area is one big, open space that has a sleek fireplace as a focal point. Furthermore the kitchen has multitasking, multifunctional stainless steel appliances. The bedroom also has very modern furniture and some mirrors to make the space feel bigger.

The Hurtado Residence is a fascinating house, in an art-gallery style, designed to entertain people that love to party. It is just like a dream come true.


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