Cubic TEK by BIG architects

If you look at this building, you can think of different things. One option, a funny variant is that it looks like a cube of cheese. The holes inside the cube make you think of those funny cartoons with the famous characters, Tom and Jerry. Jerry cannot live without his cheese and Tom cannot ignore the tentative of stealing the cheese of the little mouse.The other variant, if you look at its impressive appearance, is that of a space ship.

TEK represents a technology centre designed by the Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group for Taipei, Taiwan. It is a nice, huge building where you can spend your spare time by doing different activities like shopping, eating, visiting, and working.

TEK means Technology, Entertainment & Knowledge Centre and includes: exhibition spaces, showrooms, an auditorium, restaurants, galleries, retail spaces, a hotel and offices. It is a wonderful building which worth’s visiting.


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