Cube Pavilion Restaurant on Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels

Considered to be experimental architecture, the Cube Pavilion is definitely a unique and very impressive structure. The Cube travels from place to place, popping up unexpectedly in different European locations. The Cube itself is a very curious structure that attracts people inside. Actually, the Cube Pavilion is a traveling restaurant that travels in all sorts of exotic places, from sandy beaches to rocky mountaintops.

The Cube never spends more than 12 weeks in the same place, so if you’re curious and want to have a unique experience in this creative traveling restaurant you should hurry. The restaurant has an intimate setting and the white décor creates a light and sophisticated image.The Cube uses technologically innovative materials, eco-sustainability and energy saving as well as enabling constant re-use.

The Cube-s ability to adapt to any location is impressive. But it’s not just that. The Cube’s interior can also morph from a restaurant to a full-service lounge. The large dining table quickly retracts into the ceiling and modular lounge furniture takes its place. It’s a very daring project that already has a lot of success. It;s always interesting to see where will the Cube go next. In case you have suggestions feel free to let them know.{picture credits by Carol Kohen + Andrea Martiradonna}

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