Cozy Terraced House in Prague

The concept of terrace house is very appreciated today when we are so busy and we do not have time for ourselves anymore. Our house becomes the key element that has to be the place where we feel the best when we get home; when it has the appropriate living place and the so-appreciated terrace, it is perfect! It is also the case with a terraced house in Prague, Czech Republic, designed by the architect Pavel Hnilicka. What makes this house so special? Well, let’s see!

The building is divided into 4 apartments, 3 of them having terraces, a garage of eight places, a lift, an outer stairway.The whiteness of the stairs seems to promise to get you in a special place that you will definitely like. The way in which the doors and the windows open makes you think about the mountain chalets, while the roof garden is the perfect place to spend time with your friends and family. If the exterior of the building is dark, in harmony with the surrounding, the interior is warm and cozy.

For example, the black and white kitchen is very modern, elegant, simple and well equipped and inviting. The wide glass windows give the impression of a wider space and offer an interesting perspective over the environment. All the four apartments in general and all the rooms in particular, but also the roof garden and the terraces have that cozy air that makes you feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.

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