Cozy residence in Tasmania

This is the lovely home of Drew and Bea Beswick. It’s located in a beautiful area of Tasmania overlooking the valley and Mount Wellington. The couple first fell in love with this place when they visited the Australian island of Tasmania around 11 years ago. Compared to their cramped apartment in London this place seemed like heaven.

At one point, the couple came across an empty parcel situated in the shadow of Mount Wellington. It was a 30-acre property with a duck pond and green hills surrounded by forests. They bought the spot for $150,000 in Australian dollars (about $80,500 in American dollars at the time) and made plans to someday make it their home. That time has finally come six years later.

The couple moved into their new residence in 2006. They asked for help from one of their friends who was an architect and together they spent around 12 months designing the home in one of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems. Considering that none of the 11 threatened plants growing on the site couldn’t be disturbed so building the house was a challenge.

The entire project cost them 450,000 Australian dollars (about $356,000 at the time) and building the home took nearly 18 months. Now the couple has a lovely home and they can finally enjoy living surrounded by nature in a very beautiful region.{found on nytimes}

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