Cozy Green Roofed Turf Houses in Iceland

It is known the fact that people, animals and all the beings try to adapt themselves the place where they live in or if this thing is not possible they try to find a new place where they can live a normal life. These weeks most of the European countries have problems with snow and frost. The temperatures went down much below 0 degrees and people try to find solutions to resist these harsh climatic conditions.

The same thing tries to do people who live in Iceland. Here they were forced to adapt the harsh climate of this country which is situated south the Artic Circle .Thus they built some hillside homes with natural materials. These were some green roofed turf houses made of rocks and turf. A common house of this type was made of a stone foundation and a wooden frame covered in layers of turf which provided a very good insulation. The only external wood was used for home’s doorway.

For many years these were the most common and cozy houses where these people lived. Though in time these turf houses were replaced by iron sided and reinforced concrete homes they are still seen in the country side areas of Iceland.

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Their natural exterior design makes you think of the den of bears or other shelters built into earth by other animals that tried to adapt the harsh climatic conditions. Perhaps they were inspired by the animals’ life style and used their ways of adapting to various situations and conditions for their own hard life moments.{found on wikie}.



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