Cozy getaway cabin in Hungary

This small cabin is located in Pomaz, Hungary. It’s a charming getaway designed by Imre Kovacs and it was a project with a total cost of $4,350, a price that also includes labor. The cabin covers an area of 107 square feet and it was built using almost exclusively reclaimed materials. The materials came mostly from demolition sites.

The architect and builder gathered timber, bricks, roof tiles and even rocks and repurposed them. By using reclaimed materials, he gave the cabin a unique charm. Even though it’s a new construction, the cabin already has a long and rich history behind it. Its story is not just beginning but it’s rather continuing on this site. Besides these reclaimed pieces, some new materials were also used in the process. The cabin got new roof insulation and windows. The wood was treated with linseed oil.

The architect and builder of the cabin is also its owner. He designed this place as a small retreat for him and his wife, a place where they can escape the city, where they can relax, enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the nature and where they can go far away from the city and its busy street and noisy neighborhoods. The cabin is simple and charming both inside and out. It’s lightly decorated with wooden furniture and it has few details and decorations. The lighting comes from candles so the atmosphere is romantic and cozy.

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