Cozy And Sophisticated Ski Resort Featuring Spectacular Views

Located in the Yellowstone Club in Montana, this residence was built and designed by Reid Smith Achitects & Teton Heritage Builders. Its name is the Lower Foxtail Residence and it has become a part of the residential club, ski and golf resort. It blends beautifully into the landscape thanks to its simple and transparent design that reflects the views.

The interior is, as expected, very cozy, warm and inviting. It’s decorated with dark tones and natural materials such as stone and wood with add warmth to every room.

The contrast between the cold outdoors and the indoors becomes strong and obvious once you step inside. Although it seems transparent and not that well insulated from the outside, this house of glass surprises with its sophisticated and cozy interior.

The clean lines and the simplicity of the exterior and the façade make the residence stand out from the rest of the structures in the area which are mostly rustic cabins made of wood. This one is cozy on the inside without appearing so from the outside. The interior is decorated with shades of brown and grey with occasional bursts of color here and there. There are lots of irregular shapes in the rooms, mostly decorative elements. A balance is however created between there elements and the symmetrical arrangement of the furniture and everything else.

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The large windows and glass walls let the views become a part of the interior décor. Lots of natural light also gets inside. The lighting in the residence is very carefully chosen as to create the feeling of warmth and coziness. It’s best seen is spaces like the living and dining areas.



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