Cool Houses Reveal Their Unique Stories And Unexpected Designs

Lots of things can make us reach the conclusion that a house is cool. There are lots of cool houses all over the world and they use all sorts of ingenious strategies to stand out from their neighbors. Things like a suspended pool, a mirrored facade or an unusual layout can add character to a house.

Similarly, a house that’s built underground, on a steep cliff, in a tree or on a boat would also be considered quite cool by today’s standards. Because we enjoy such out-of-the-box designs, we decided to share some of these cool houses with you, each time highlighting the element that makes the design stand out.

A cool geometry

This beautiful house was designed by Magaldi Studio and is part of the exclusive gated community of Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula. It has a modern design and it’s built out of concrete and wood, two very different and contrasting materials which bring out the beauty and uniqueness in one another. The design was adapted to the local climate conditions as well as the characteristics of the site.

The building follows the curved shape of the site around one of the corners and also features an expansive array of wood screen panels on the upper cantilevered sections. These panels let the breeze in and filter the light, offering a subtle connection to the outdoors without exposing the interior. It was important for the house to allow natural air current to circulate in order to keep the need for air conditioning to a minimum and this design helps to do so while also looking amazing.

Japanese inspiration

The idea behind this project was to observe and find inspiration in the different cultural aspects from Japan and Mexico and to combine different techniques and materials that are defining for each of them. The end result was this beautiful house located in Atlangatepec, Mexico and designed by Fausto Terán. It was built using a combination of concrete and local pine wood.

What’s special is the Japanese technique known as Shou-Sugi-Ban used for treating the wood and giving it a burnt look. This makes it more resilient and also offers it a beautiful dark color which helps the house to better blend into landscape. This place was also envisioned as a very relaxing and zen retreat in harmony with nature and the space around it.

Sculptural on a large scale

The Boundary Bay Residence is a large and luxuruious family residence located in Delta, Canada. It was recently redesigned by Frits de Vries Architects and it looks outstanding. Originally this was built back in 1990 and has a classic and balanced structure and design with modern influences. The remodel project done in 2018 aimed to respect the past and the beautiful geometry and architecture of the building and to enhance its street presence while at the same time reorganizing the interior in order to strengthen the relationship between the indoor and the outdoor.

The remodel also aimed to change the whole entry sequence which originally had a rather impractical and confusing structure where guests would have to go through the garage to reach the front door. The new entrance opens directly onto the street and features an eye-catching skylight. The whole house as a whole also looks very refreshed and has a clean, airy and breezy feel.

A spectacular backdrop

The first thing one notices when approaching this gorgeous holiday retreat from Cape Town is the absolutely spectacular landscape, in particular the mountains that form a shield behind it. This luxurious place was designed by Renato Graca and has a very clean and contemporary aesthetic with lots of straight lines and a fresh and simple geometry overall. It is at the same time an interesting and intricate building.

This place is situated on a site with a steep slope which posed a series of unique challenged when designing and building the whole structure. The strategy was to partially build the house into the mountain and thus to strengthen its connection to nature and the surrounding landscape. Large windows and full-height glazing reveal magnificent views of the Ocean which truly turns this into a perfect summer retreat.

Isolated and cozy

This lovely pavilion is something that architect Carlos Castanheira designed and built in Portugal. The idea behind the project was to create a structure that’s isolated so the owners can enjoy their passions and love for music without restrictions. It was meant to be a place where they could read, relax, listen to music and enjoy their hobbies without being bothered or bothering anyone.


The design as you can see is simple and modest. This is not meant to be an impressive structure or one that stands out. Instead it aims to be different in a simple and organic way. It enjoys a close ralationship with the surroundings and has a warm and inviting interior with natural wooden floors and ceilings and a friendly and open layout.

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Cantilevered swimming pool

Hemeroscopium House by Ensamble Studio with a cantilever swimming pool

The swimming pool is the focal point of this residence’s design and that’s because, unlike traditional swimming pools, this one is suspended on a platform and cantilevers over the garden. The house is located in Madrid, Spain and was designed by Ensamble Studio in 2008.

Cantilevered swimming pool

By raising the pool this way, the architects freed up the ground, ensuring an airy and spacious feel both inside and outside the house. At the same time, this design strategy also gives the residence a dramatic and eye-catching look. It took the architects a whole year to engineer the project but thanks to a prefabricated design, the structure was built in only a week.

Rooftop pool

Jellyfish House rooftop pool

This is the Jellyfish House, a beautiful home located on the coast of Spain in Marbella. It was designed by WAA (Wiel Arets Architects) and its most impressive feature is the swimming pool which occupies a portion of the rooftop terrace which cantilevers over the entrance.

Jellyfish House pool on roof

The residence offers panoramic views of the ocean and the surroundings which can be enjoyed from the top floor, being especially amazing from the pool. The glass pool floor allows the light to filter through the water and to then create a beautiful play of light and shadow below.

Jellyfish House pool view

The pool’s glass bottom becomes a unique ceiling for the outdoor space situated directly below, revealing a beautiful blue tone. The house has a total of four floors connected by two staircases. One of the staircases is enclosed in glass and connects the outdoor area to the roof terrace. The second staircases links the ground floor to the roof and also have an open design despite being situated indoors.

Turning boxes

Turning boxes facade

Located in Tehran, Iran, this is a residence with a very memorable design. It was named Sharifi-ha House and was designed by Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni. It offers 1,400 square meters of living space organized on four levels. The entire project is characterized by great flexibility materialized in a very interesting and unusual configuration.

Turning boxes in diff positions

The top three levels are organized within a series of turning boxes that either allow the spaces to become open or closed, depending on the needs and preferences of those using the volumes. The configuration changes with the seasons and the type of activities and the flexibility of the layout is one of the key elements that define the project.

Turning boxes angle

This design strategy transformed the two dimensional facade into a 3D one, giving it depth all while including clear references to traditional Iranian houses. The residence has Zemestan-Neshin which is a winter living room as well as a Taabestan-Neshin which is a summer living room.


Cantilver house with swing

Swings are fun for both children and adults so adding one to the design of a house shouldn’t come as an unexpected and unusual feature. Still, not many houses have swings. This makes the Balancing Barn a special home. Designed by MVRDV, the house is located in Suffolk, UK and offers 210 square meters of living space.

Angle mirrored cantilever house

The design and architecture of the residence come as a response to the conditions and the views on the site. Meant to serve as a holiday home, the structure was designed to resemble a traditional barn in order to integrate into the surroundings. In addition to those characteristics, modern elements were also included in the project.

Mirrored house with swing

At first sight, the barn looks quite modest. It isn’t until the back of the building and the cantilever are revealed that the structure fully shows its character. The barn is a 30 meter long building with a 15 meter cantilever over the slope. At the end, a swing hangs from the cantilever, filling the empty space beneath.

A cliff-like roof

Cliff roof house

When the site is difficult and challenging, the best strategy is often to embrace the elements that make it unique and make the most of everything. When faced with the challenge of working with this site in Granada, Spain, Gilbartolome Architects chose to use it to its full potential. As a result, Casa del Acantilado was embedded deep into the cliff.

Cliff roof house inside

Cliff roof house angle view

The residence overlooks the Mediterranean sea and was designed to be perfectly integrated into the landscape. The roof is the most eye-catching portion of its design. it’s made of handmade zinc tiles which are intricately organized to form a wavy design that mimics the surroundings. The roof follows the shape of the cliff and molds to it, giving the house an abstract look.

Hanging on a cliff

Hanging on a cliff house

Perched above the ocean in Victoria, Australia, this house is truly unique. That’s because it sits suspended on a steep cliff, like a barnacle clinging to the side of a ship. The house was designed in direct relation to the sea, the main goal of the project being to fully expose it to the views and to capture them in a unique and dramatic way.

Hanging on a cliff Plan

The house was designed by Modscape and was envisioned as a natural extension of the cliff on which is suspended. It’s a prefab home and the entrance is situated on the uppermost level, accessible via a carport. Because the main goal was to take advantage of the views, the house has three glass facades.

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Hanging on a cliff sunken linving

The interior is designed to be minimal as not to overwhelm the rooms and to steal the focus from the views of the ocean. Light colors and simple forms were used throughout and the spaces were kept open and bright, making it an exquisite holiday home unlike any other.

Underground construction

Search and CMA villa vals underground

The concept of underground homes is not exactly new and unheard of. It is, however, a bit unusual. This makes this home in Switzerland quite special. It’s called Villa Vals and was designed and built by SeARCH and CMA into the slope. Only one of the facades is open to the exterior. It has an oval shape and there’s a series of step stones that lead up to the entrance.

Search and CMA villa vals underground wall

At the front of the house there’s a sheltered deck perfect for enjoying some time outdoors without being completely exposed to the elements but still managing to admire the views. The interior is welcoming and cozy, designed to look modest and somewhere between modern and traditional. The colors are simple, neutral and inspired by nature and the surroundings.

Transparent swimming pool

Cool blue villa from 123 dva - transparent swimming pool

The Cool Blue Villa even has the word “cool” in its name. It was designed by 123DV in Marbella, Spain in 2015 and covers an area of 620 square meters. This is a house that has a strong connection with water, being surrounded by it in various forms. Not that far from the house is the ocean that provides some wonderful views. In addition to that, a stream of water runs along the property.

Cool blue villa from 123 dva - transparent swimming pool picture

But the most interesting element is the swimming pool which is transparent and has an almost square shape. Even though the design is minimalist, the pool inevitably looks dramatic, luxurious and even extravagant. Transparency actually makes it stand out in this case.

Indoor slide

Indoor slide stylish apartment

Slides are really fun in a way similar to swings. They are, however, a bit more difficult to integrate into a house or apartment due to the dimensions. This apartment in Sharkov, Ukraine has one and it looks amazing. The apartment was a project by KI Design and has a lot more to offer besides the indoor slide.

Indoor slide stylish apartment picture

The slide connects the main level and the loft space, providing a fun and quick way to navigate between the two levels. A wooden staircase provides a more traditional connection between the spaces. In addition to the slide, there’s also a beautiful green wall that adorns the apartment, becoming a focal point.

Indoor slide stylish apartment living

The interior design is simple throughout, having a clearly modest vibe offered by the geometric forms and clean lines. The palette of colors and materials is fresh and pleasant. Wood was used for the furniture, giving warmth to the rooms and contrasting with the black and white combo and the turquoise and green accents.

Tree houses

Stunning tree house

Try for a moment to expand your view on tree houses and to imagine something a bit more select, more complex and more sophisticated, something like this. This is the Suite Blue, a modern tree house located in Arlena di Castro, Italy. It’s a part of La Plantata Hotel and it was designed by La Cabane Perchee, a company that specializes in custom and luxurious tree house designs all over the world.

Treehouse picture in nature

Treehouse design plans

The tree house was built in the workshop and then assembled on site. A lot of attention was given to small details and elements such as the dimensions and form of the tree, the distribution of the branches, the conditions on the site and so on. This helped the designers adapt the structure to its location and allow it to make the most of everything around it.

Living treehouse design

Another amazing tree house can be seen at World of Living, an amusement park for sustainable housing company WeberHaus. It was designed by Baumraum and its design is quite unusual because it doesn’t really need a tree to support it. The house resembles a cylindrical capsule perched atop thin legs that make it look like a giant spider.

Treehouse living Germany

While the shape and exterior definitely make the house stand out, the interior is not any less interesting either. The walls are made of oak wood and the vaulted ceiling creates a very cozy and comfortable ambiance. Wallpaper decorated with giant oak leaves adds color and highlights the organic theme featured throughout. In addition, two skylights let in natural light and offer views of the sky.

Transparent tubular construction

Tree house by almassov

Living in this tubular glass house is a bit like living in a terrarium. The house was designed by Aibek Almassov of A.Masov Architects and the concept shows it around a mature fir tree. It’s an interesting interpretation of the tree house concept which is why the project was suggestively named Tree in a House.

Transparent tubular tree house

The house was envisioned as a giant cylindrical structure made of glass. It has a completely glazed exterior and this allows it to offer 360 degree views of its surr



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