Cool 10 Buildings With Funny Face Expressions

Usually all we talk about is architecture, interior design and similar things. But sometimes a building is more than just that. Today we’ve decided to take a more relaxed approach on the subject and we just found the perfect idea for this article. We’ve discovered a series of buildings which have quite interesting facades. We’re not talking about style or design but about their faces.

While the shape of the windows is quite elegant and beautiful, the house tends to seem a little evil

As a kid, the first image that came to my mind when I wanted to draw something was a house. I would make the base, then the roof and I would make the windows resemble two eyes and the door a mouth. As it turns out, there are actual buildings that feature the same characteristics. Of course, this resemblance is most likely unintentional.

The resemblance here might have unintentional but the details are all thereThis house even has hair and blue eyes when the sky gets reflected in the glassThis is not exactly the friendly face you would want to be welcomed by
It’s uncertain whether this house’s tears are of joy or sadnessThis house has it all, even a cute nose and a mustache to give it characterThis is quite the scary house but I’m sure it’s much nicer once you get to know itI wonder why this house looks so sad. Maybe cause its owners are not home yetHappy smile facade

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Depending on the shape and position of the windows and of the door, these features can create a variety of facial expressions. It’s indeed a detail that gives character to a house more than its actual design. Who would have thought that a building could look surprised or happy or sad… It’s definitely something to take into consideration when designing your own home. You could control the expressions and have a one-of-kind home.

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