Conventional small house in Saitama,Japan

A small house is not usually something you are trying to build on purpose. Not many people would wish to have a small house. They would rather opt for something big, something impressive. However, the owner of this little house is very happy with his small home. This lovely private house is located in Suitama, Japan. It was a project by Satoru Hirota & Yasuko Hirota from Satoru Hirota Architects.

The house only covers an area of 61.99 square meters. It’s a tiny house and it sits on a site that measures 153.95 square meters. The house itself has a total floor area of 109.43 square meters. It was completed in 2010 and it has a very simple and fresh look. The location of the house is very interesting. It’s been placed in an area from where there’s an equal distance to the city anywhere you look. The actual site is very small and surrounded by streets. It’s not the location most people would choose for their home. It’s not a quiet nor a very safe area.

The façade of this tiny house is white. It was probably an attempt to make it seem larger. It’s also a neutral color that matches well the whole minimalist concept at the base of this project. Inside the house there’s a slight different in height that creates special diversity. The house also has several rather small windows that appear to have been placed randomly. This is a very simple house both inside and out. It’s strictly what the client needed and nothing more: a cozy bedroom, a nice kitchen, an inviting living room, an upper level and even a parking space.

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