Contrastive mansion in San Antonio: Capps residence

Located in San Antonio, Texas, this architectural beauty was designed by Poteet Architects. Originally this place was nothing more than just a historic building that nobody really cared about. But with lots of work, it became a very beautiful place to live in. The building has been restored and an addition was also built at the backside of the house, which now features a kitchen on the first floor and a new master bathroom above that.

From the outside this structure looks very beautiful, elegant and of course, classical. You could never suspect, just by looking at it, the extremely contemporary interior design that is hiding behind those walls. The owners are collectors of contemporary art so they’ve designed this place to suit their style and needs. All over the house you can admire some very beautiful art pieces, among with some other ones a little more playful.

The museum quality lighting accentuated even more the artistic side of this house. The attention to details is amazing. The furniture was carefully chosen and the pieces come from all over the world. There’s a mix of cultures and styles that looks very well as a whole. After all, the owners are not just art lovers, they are also very cultivated when it comes to this domain and they have a good eye for spotting beautiful pieces.

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