Contemporary Zimmermann Residence in Küsnacht, Switzerland

This interesting residence is a contemporary creation. It was a project by SAM Architekten und Partner. The house is located in Küsnacht, Switzerland and it was built for the Zimmermann Family, hence the name. It was completed in 2009. As for the design, the clients were very specific in terms of space and the type of design they wanted for their new home. They worked close with the architects and they were also opened to suggestions.

Their team work resulted in this minimalist design. The are where this residence is located used to be populated in the 1940s with modest houses so the plots are narrow and small. Now, when those houses are being replaced with larger constructions such as this one, it gets difficult for the architects to come up with a design that would allow the inhabitants to admire the beautiful views of the Lake Zürich and the Alps beyond while also preserving the privacy from the close neighbors.

The Zimmermann House was designed for a family with two children. It was placed right in the center of the plot. In order to be able to enjoy as much of the views as possible, the clients requested that the living room, terrace and kitchen be placed on the top floor. The ground floor is entirely open and transparent. It has glass walls and there’s not much privacy in there.{found on archdaily}

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