Contemporary Villa Near Moscow Takes Luxury To New Heights

Located near Moscow, in Russia, this incredibly chic villa was designed by SL* Project, the same team responsible for sophisticated apartment in Airbus we enjoyed so much.

The all-white exterior makes the villa stand out while the soft, curved walls and structures bring it closer to nature and the visual impact become a lot less dramatic. We find this type of freeform design very interesting and intriguing. It gives simplicity a whole new meaning.

Like most contemporary homes, the villa features expansive glass walls and windows that connect it to the outdoors.

Inside, the design and layout are as simple and stylish as they can be. The main living space features harmony at its best. A white sectional is facing a glass wall with views of the courtyard, a sleek, modern fireplace is complemented by a niche for storing firewood and a chic leather furniture set adds a bit of color.

A glamorous chandelier sits in a corner, drawing attention to the breezy white curtains.

The modular sectional allows multiple configurations to be created and the trio of lucite coffee tables keep the center of the room open.

A white staircase with transparent railings leads upstairs. It stands out against the dark accent wall and gains a sculptural look.

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A pair of sliding glass doors are the only barrier between the spacious kitchen and the rest of the space. The room is almost entirely white which gives it a super serene and airy look. But the most interesting feature here is that zen nook. Surrounded by greenery and illuminated by a skylight, this area is more than exquisite.

The dining area has panoramic views on two sides as well as a glass ceiling. A sculptural planter in the corner and a unique light fixture give this area a refined look. Part of the floor is made of glass, an unexpected feature yet one that fits in perfectly.

The villa also has an indoor pool with an elegant lounge area. It’s easy to compare this place with a luxury spa, especially after seeing how wonderfully all the materials, colors and elements were paited together.

The color palette and the mood change a bit once you reach the bathroom. A round jacuzzi tub sits in the center, a round wall wraps around it and purple and pink accents give the space a romantic vibe.

A long, white corridor with stylish accent lighting leads into the home office. A curved glass wall offers panoramic views and long, heavy curtains add a sense of privacy. The desk is minimalist and accessorized with a bright yellow chair.

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A sculptural white staircase, this time surrounded by white walls, wraps around itself and leads up to a private level where the master bedroom is also situated.

The color palette gets darker here. A wooden accent wall warms up the ambiance. Black accents define the bed which is facing a relaxing zen garden.

The same design strategy was also used for the other bedroom.

Similar elements can also be seen in the bathroom. This time the design is symmetrical. Long, dark brown curtains frame a large window and an oval freestanding tub sits in the center.

The tub and the sink light up from inside. They glow in the dark making any other light fixtures unnecessary.

The kids’ bedroom is not any less glamorous. It has a bohemian and feminine look and color scheme that mixed neutrals and bold accents with various prints.

The villa also has an entertainment area. It serves as a games room and as a home theater. It’s the only part of the house that doesn’t have windows yet it manages to maintain that serene and relaxing ambiance.



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