Contemporary Villa in Burgh-Haamstede, Netherlands

There are many homes which although they are spacious they are not so airy. Furniture, decorative items, or common windows could take of its precious space and make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.Villa BH is a contemporary house, designed by Whim Architecture and completed in 2010.It is owned by an old couple and located in Burgh-Haamstede, Netherlands.

Space, light and natural context seem to be its main characteristics. It is big, has an interesting shape with a beautiful patio and a relaxing garden where the lounge area can offer you wonderful moments that you can spend with your friends.Villa BH is a construction based on quality, simplicity and comfort. The ground floor level houses most of the living spaces so that they become more accessible. Glass panels and floor-to-ceiling windows increase the amount of natural light inside and offer great views for every room.

Here everything is modern, the rooms are very spacious and there is used little furniture for almost every area. The idea of space and light is also increased by the white walls that appear all over the place.Those who love nature will adore the position and location of this villa and more than that they will be attracted by its eco-friendly design. There are used solar panels and a heat pump which save energy and assure all the comfort you need.

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